China's new H-8 bomber

China has been studied more than ten years of stealth strategic bombers - the H-8 cruise missiles, heavy bombers.

In fact, the resident near Xi'an, people may already have some experience, when night fell, there will always see taking off from a nearby airport Yanliang large aircraft, driving a red, blue and green navigation lights, near Xi'an, sky flight, that is our new routine H-8 aircraft in flight (as distinct from the same time, flight of the H-6 aircraft, the flight was marked by significantly faster than the H-6 aircraft). I have personally seen, then, H-8 aircraft is what kind of aircraft? H-8 aircraft, have adopted what advanced technology?

The new H-8 strategic bombers successfully developed in China in the FBC-1 (or H-7), the developed countries focus on developing the latest generation of stealth bombers. The time machine started to develop around the mid-nineties in the last century, central to the aircraft's position is: heavy, no less than 18 tons of load of bombs, not less than 1.2 times the supersonic, stealth, carry a new cruise missile is able to hit the North American continent, a range of not less than 10,000 kilometers, with aerial refueling capability. The research task by the Xi'an Aircraft Design Institute and Xi'an Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. jointly to complete. The new H-8 aircraft, used mainly the following advanced technology and design:
1, BWB conventional aerodynamic layout. H-8 Why conventional aerodynamic layout? This is because the army has independently developed the first large-scale bomber before the bomber is just copying the former Soviet Union, there is no independent design concepts and design ideas, therefore, comprehensive consideration or use of the familiar design of trustworthy better. But also in the design of a large number of application of the latest technology, such as wing-body integration, fly-by, the second surface body design, front and rear edge mobile flaps, wing tanks and other large-scale integration of new technologies.
Second, a comprehensive consideration of stealth design. Stealth design is the first wing-body integration, which is the latest fighter design in China has been widely used technology, there is no difficulty. BWB has the advantage of the entire body with the body surface to form a good transition, did not cause radar reflection of the corner and face, thus greatly reducing the probability of discovery by the enemy. All the fuselage is almost no major visible face seams, smooth fullness of the body appears to form a beautiful machine, like an artful huge roc.
Third, extensive use of carbon fiber composite material. Now evaluation of an advanced aircraft, whether or not the important one is to use the number of composite materials, our new H-8 is the use of a large number of developing our own carbon - carbon fiber composite fuselage production of structural parts. Use of composite materials has the advantage of not only reducing the weight of the body structure, but also greatly enhance the aircraft's fuel load and the load of bombs, but also greatly extends the operational range of the aircraft. In addition, the use of composite materials can also be easy to achieve the purpose of stealth aircraft.
Fourth, for the first time the use of large-scale combat aircraft flaps front and rear edge of mobile technology. The use of combat aircraft flaps front and rear edge of mobile technology, can greatly enhance the mobility and combat aircraft flying at low altitude performance. Prior to this, we use the H-6 bombers but the post-edge mobile flap is just a normal aircraft control technology, but the use of leading-edge mobile flap is not the case, and can make high angles of attack aircraft in flight and the low altitude Anti-time access to unprecedented mobility.
5, submerged wing root engine stealth technology. H-8 bomber used four sets of 'too much OK' turbo-fan engines, using the left and the layout of the two, arranged on both sides of the wing root. As the H-8 with a large wing BWB design, the engine close to wing root mode with submerged fixed at the upper wing. This has the advantage of the engine inlets in the wings before the top, it is difficult to detect by the enemy, air outlet in the upper part of wing, the engine hot air circulated through the infrared suppression device role and can significantly reduce the enemy infrared detection devices the probability of discovery, the purpose of achieving a degree of stealth.
6, the first time in large-scale combat aircraft control system using the telex. We used a large bombers were used hydraulic or mechanical control techniques, thick heavy, use of flexible, time-consuming effort. In this new type of aircraft used by developed by a certain type of telex control system, pilots in the flight, looked handy, just to the onboard computer input flight parameters, the computer will automatically control the aircraft in accordance with procedures in accordance with the best flight mode, thus greatly reducing the pilot's flight intensity.
7, weapons pylons built-in technology. As the aircraft demand stealth performance and long-range missile attacks, therefore, must use built-in weapon pylons. The aircraft can carry two wheel-mounted weapon pylons, in the middle of points around the layout of the fuselage. Each wheel-type pylons can be mounted 6 'Red Bird 3' cruise missiles, two pylons can mount a total of 12 this type of missile, carrying a 35-million metric tons of nuclear warheads with a range of 3,000 km. The pylons can either mount the missiles, but also can choose hang-to-ship missiles and conventional bombs.
8, advanced avionics. Aircraft by requiring long-range precision bombing, so the aviation electronic equipment carried by the current domestic-style the best. The bombing of both the advanced radar, and advanced tracking radar terrain matching, as well as advanced navigation and positioning radar and electronic countermeasures devices. The aircraft can also use the satellite data link system, thus enabling detection devices and other data sharing. Further modifications also said that plasma-based stealth installation of devices to achieve higher requirements for the purpose of stealth.
9, advanced stealth radar absorbing paint. This is our country has just developed a new generation of stealth absorbing coatings, in addition to the glass cockpit, the whole body by the paint coating. The coating not only can absorb a variety of centimeter-band radar, but also can greatly reduce the radiation intensity of active radar, making even a small amount of radar waves reflected back, its intensity is very weak.
10, supersonic flight capability. As a result of the four new engine, thrust-weight ratio makes the machine greatly enhanced with a maximum speed of about Mach 1.4, non-refueling range can reach as far as 11,000 kilometers. Aircraft in wartime if the bases in Heilongjiang, you can over the sea north of Guam, launched cruise missiles to attack any target in North America.
These are our newly developed H-8-based strategic bombers, the main technical performance, there are a lot of incomplete and not wholly satisfactory. But it is, after all, is China's first independently designed and manufactured-type long-range strategic bombers, although the use of a lot of new technology, but there are still many areas that need improvement. We believe that with our continued progress of modern technology the Air Force, the aircraft away from the days of its debut will not be a long time. While the machine is not allowed to participate in last year's air show, but we have reason to believe that the next air show should be a time when it is a go!

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